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EMJ Global Co., Ltd. is a team of friendly people with hard work and dedication, creativity and imigination. We make your own skills, experience and contacts available to the needs of individual and businesses. Our ambition is to provide our customers with unique experience and solutions to their business requirements. Our priority is to make our customers happy and delighted with our talents, knowledge and experiences.
Our Services
Web Development

A website is a kind of an online business brochure. Generally, customers need a website where a catalogue of services and or products is accessible by their own customers or potential customers. Websites also allow more control over branding.

Mobile Application Development

Smart phones and tablet device sales have now overtaken that of PC's and laptops sales. People are busy, mobile and people's searching and buying habits are changing rapidly. It makes the mobile market growing very fast and

Network Solutions

High quality network data cabling is essential to support high speed communications and business applications. As a result, our professional network cabling services team provides a complete range of network cabling installation.

IT Training & Consulting

EMJ Global offer valuable guidance and consulting, which will expand your knowledge horizon and practical experience. We will ensure that you have gained both theoretical and practical training on your selected course to move up into next level with confidence.

Content Management System

A content manageable website is the one in which contents such as menu navigation, images, video and text can be updated effortlessly and effectively. CMS website reduces the maintenance cost and saves time.

Payment Gateway Integration

Nowadays, online shopping becomes more popular and more consumers are ordering products and services online which are time saving and more convenient. As a result, all online merchants require the ability to accept payments in a secure method .


We are offering the unique services to delight our valuable customers with our relevant skills, experience and qualifications. We provide a comprehensive, continually evolving range of services for Information Technology and Management sector.

Our Products
RMS Restaurant Management System
(စားသောက်ဆိုင် စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု)
SIS Sales & Inventory Management System
(ကုန်စည်အရောင်းနှင့် ထိန်းသိမ်းမှု)
FMS Fleet Management System
(မော်တော်ယာဉ်များ စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု)
CMS Content Management System
(User Friendly Website Content Management)
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